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Grumbly Mumbly Dumbly Tumbly Rocks - CLEAR THEM ALL!!!

Tumble them, Roll them, Splash and Smash them.

Use your Rangers to fire water jets at the critters. This will tumble them left, right and up the landscape. Clear them all before they get to the bottom and break your Spinner. Simple ;)

This completely original downward scrolling 3 sided range clearance game comes out of the blue from some old veterans working in their retirement home.

Get it now on Android and on iOS

See some earlier original games that the old codger Ian Andrew designed ;)

Free to Play for Apple and Android, mobiles and tablets.

A compulsive, engaging, entertaining experience with surprises and depth.



about us

Veterans in Hampshire. What can we say? We started designing games for the Sinclair Spectrum in 1982. It was so simple then...

No shaders, no back end servers, only one standard device to target, no UA costs, no long acronyms like ARPDAU.... Sigh. Those were the days :)

Still.... so much more is possible now, more opportunities to reach more players.

Teams of 100 developers?   Pah!

5 years development?   Pah!

8 Million $ of investment?   Pah!

3 Random guys plus help from all these wonderful people

Tumbly Rocks Credits

a passion, an idea and time on their hands....

Out comes.... TUMBLY ROCKS! 

What could possibly go wrong.....



Tumbly Games

H23 Limited

Sentinel House Senior Living

Ancells Business Park, Harvest Crescent,

Fleet GU51 2UZ

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